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ReedGeek / Klangbogen

Used by the world's top woodwind players.

ReedGeek is very appreciative of, and excited by, the many endorsements we have received from players of all abilities all around the globe. We are grateful that we can be a part of allowing musicians the world over to create the music that is in their heart.

When The Art of Better Reeds Meet The Artist:

  • David Sanborn
    "It's the only reed tool that's ever worked for me."David Sanborn
  • Arun Luthra(Photo: Alex Troesch)
    "After years as a professional saxophonist, it's amazing to finally have a tool that makes working on reeds so simple, efficient, and convenient. Thank you, Mauro, for creating the ReedGeek!"Arun Luthra
  • Baron Raymonde
    "Love the Klangbogen. My sound is more centered and it is easier to articulate."Baron Raymonde
  • Bob Magnuson
    "If you're going to compete, then you're gonna need a 'Geek. "Finest Reed" adjustment tools ever made!"Bob Magnuson
  • Bob Mintzer
    "... makes working on reeds very convenient and easy. Mauro, thanks a million for designing such a practical reed tool."Bob Mintzer
  • Bob Sheppard
    "You need to hear it and feel it to believe it!"Bob Sheppard
  • Brian Landrus
    "... every reed plays more evenly throughout the entire range of my instruments and the reed's lifespan is significantly improved ... a beautiful tool that every saxophonist and clarinetist should own."Brian Landrus
  • Christoph Hartmann
    "Reed Geek is the perfect complement to my other reed tools. Its refined edges offers numerous scraping and profiling options, which allow for even more precise work. Being able to carry it in your hand luggage while flying, is an indispensable companion on concert tours."Christoph Hartmann
  • Clark W. Fobes
    "Like most great ideas, the simplicity of your design is pure genius."Clark W. Fobes
  • Darren Motamedy
    "ReekGeek products are just undeniably great."Darren Motamedy
  • Dave Liebman
    "One of the cleverest tools I have ever seen; the ReedGeek has an incredible amount of uses, which can be done quickly, even on the bandstand. Great product!!"Dave Liebman
  • Eddie Daniels
    "We are all Reed Geeks and always will be, as long as we love tone ... so go get a 'Geek'"Eddie Daniels
  • Eddie Sulkin
    "Using the new one-piece on Bass Clarinet, and the regular gold onstage at Subset Boulevard. I love the one-piece!"Eddie Sulkin
  • Euge Groove
    "It is my favorite reed tool ever in forty years of playing. Nothing else even compares."Euge Groove
  • George Young
    "I must sincerely thank you again for all you've done and continue to do to help us woodwind players with your tireless efforts in making our lives easier with both your REEDGEEKS as well as your KLANGBOGENS."George Young
  • Glenn Zottola
    "Being a vintage player personal sound is everything to me. To be able to tweak any reed old or new and get that personal sound that i want on my horn is everything. The reedgeek is the tool to do that"Glenn Zottola
  • Greg Osby
    "... no product ... comes close to matching the ReedGeek's versatility and effectiveness. I stand behind it 100%."Greg Osby
  • Gunnar Mossblad
    "The Reed Geek does everything a reed knife does and much more; a must have product for any student or professional reed player."Gunnar Mossblad
  • Ian Hendrickson-Smith
    "The Klangbogen does so many great things for my horn. The middle register pops more, the entire horn plays more evenly, my low and and high notes are fatter, the altissimo is more settled and there's a certain "vibe" it imparts that I just have to have from here on out. I also find it's easier to play time--the notes seem to sit in their slots easier making me free to play on my own terms. The various finishes all have their own thing so it's a great tool to really dial in your individual sound. I highly recommend these amazing devices to any serious saxophone player."Ian Hendrickson-Smith
  • Jeff Kashiwa
    "The ReedGeek has made every reed playable! It has quickly become the most valuable tool I use."Jeff Kashiwa
  • Jeff Rupert
    "Mauro Di Gioia's Reed Geek is a game changer. I'm able to get superb response and sensitivity in tone out of all of my reeds. For years I had been thinking that the mouthpiece is more of a variable than perhaps it really is... being able to effectively adjust reeds has been eye opening for me. Thanks so much Mauro!"Jeff Rupert
  • Lou Marini
    "It don't mean aThang if you ain't gotta Klang!"Lou Marini
  • Mark Fox
    "ReedGeek's Klangbogen transforms, focuses and liberates my sound, harmonic resonance and brilliance of my horn."Mark Fox
  • Martin Kuuskmann(Photo: Karl J Kaul)
    "ReedGeek tools have been a steady companion on my global travels for the past 6 years. I never remove them from my case nor do I need to use anything else to scrape both by cane and Legere reeds with. I sincerely believe every reed player should at least own one — they will benefit hugely by having a ReedGeek tool as part of their 'tool artillery'."Martin Kuuskmann
  • Mike Smith
    "What an amazing tool. No reed player should be without it. Wish I had this thirty years ago. Would have saved a lot of reeds and years of aggravation."Mike Smith
  • Mindi Abair
    "The ReedGeek is amazing... You've made our lives easier and for that I thank you! It's life changing fo sure."Mindi Abair
  • Nelson Rangell
    "The ReedGeek is an indispensable part of my routine for breaking in and maintaining my reeds. I use it after every practice and playing session. It is an invaluable tool and will help every serious reed player refine more good reeds and optimize their performance."Nelson Rangell
  • Nick Biello
    "I'm happy to endorse the Reed Geek. It's been a game-changer in terms of getting the majority of my reeds to play well. I find it much easier to use than a reed knife, and it's more portable so it fits easily inside my instrument case. I've had several of my students purchase the Reed Geek, and I strongly recommend it for any serious student or professional."Nick Biello
  • Rick Keller
    "The ReedGeek tool is a vital accessory for every woodwind player. The potential to optimize and increase the longevity of your reeds can be achieved with the knowledge of a few basic premises about working with cane."Rick Keller
  • Ron Moton
    "Do yourself a solid and check this out! It is a game changer for reed prep. ReedGeek IS "the business"."Ron Moton
  • Stephan Vermeersch
    "I never leave home without my ReedGeek!"Stephan Vermeersch
  • Steve Wilkerson
    "It's awesome what you can do with that ReedGeek. Evens the horn from bottom to top... Man, every woodwind player needs to buy one!"Steve Wilkerson
  • Tim Price
    "The ReedGeek is the best reed tool ever!"Tim Price
  • Tom Politzer
    "I'm out on the road constantly and the ReedGeek has made my reeds play better, longer, and more consistently; not to mention being able to keep it in my case while getting through TSA!"Tom Politzer
  • "The world's best reed tool! ... Congratulations on the great invention!"Ishimori & Co., Japan