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ReedGeek Reed Tool

All ReedGeeks are made 100% from scratch, using the USA’s highest quality alloys with state-of-the-art manufacturing. 100% American Made.

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The ReedGeek “Universal” Reed Tools enhance reed performance by rapidly and accurately flattening reed tables. You’ll experience the benefits of a truly flat reed and be able to fine-tune the entire reed in record time!

  • Ready to use
  • Portable and safe for air travel
  • Immediate results at any playing level
  • Superior sounding reeds
  • Longer, more reliable reed performance
  • Never again throw away new reeds
David Sanborn
David Sanborn“It’s the only reed tool that’s ever worked for me”
Classic ReedGeek


The ‘Geek that started it all! The ReedGeek “Classic” is machined with four very crisp planing edges which make it exceptional for maintaining (single) reed flatness and removing cane from all reeds (single & double) rapidly and precisely . Other features include two rail adjustors, the “pencil eraser” radius tip for pin-point precision adjustments and a square back for scraping and profiling. With an extremely high Rockwell hardness, the ReedGeek “Classic” now undergoes a proprietary Chromium medical-grade process to enhance corrosion-resistance and edge-retention longevity. With all of these indispensable features, the “Classic” will give its owner consistently great-playing reeds!

Encased in our ReedGeek self-locking neoprene bag and case, instructions included.
Black Diamond G4 ReedGeek

Black Diamond “G4”

The G4 is the newest member of the ReedGeek Universal family. It utilizes state of the art, 100% USA alloy with very high vanadium carbide content for exceptionally good wear resistance. With our beautiful “Black Diamond” wear finish fostering a smooth “buttery” glide to the cut, the G4 excels on both natural cane and all synthetic reeds. Exciting features include a newly designed length with a comfortably rounded back scraper (for further adjustment options), a radius tip for precision work and two contoured and curved rail bevels (specially designed to profile rails and re-contour the spine & heart of both single and double reeds). With advanced profiling abilities such as these, the G4 is a must for every serious reed player!

Encased in our ReedGeek self-locking neoprene bag and case, instructions included.
Geeklet ReedGeek


The Geeklet is our smallest tool and does an exceptional job just like our other ReedGeek tools. It is sold exclusively through BetterSax.com. Click here to purchase your Geeklet.

Plaque & Gauge Set

Plaque & Gauge Set

The Plaque Set allows you to quickly and easily determine mouthpiece facing lengths and gauge the exact position for most effective reed adjustment and balancing. The topside of the plaque (marked tip) can also be used to support the reed while using your ReedGeek to make precise adjustments to the reed’s tip. Instructions are included.

CAUTION: Like any reed tool, the ReedGeek’s edges are sharp. Please handle with care, and use as directed.

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